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Cycle Rickshaw Pullers Association

The Cycle Rickshaw Pullers are hard working labourers whose life and status in the society is unnoticed by many.  Seeing their pathetic situation our Sr. Celine Arikkat took a drastic step to organize them.  They were given loan to buy cycle Rickshaws and they refunded it regularly. Many benefactors came forward to this good cause and the donations formed the corpus fund with which she manages expenses for purchasing rickshaws initially and it has become the rolling fund now. At present she distributed 338 rickshaws which means so many families are being uplifted in the society. 7th anniversary of Cycle Rickshaw Pullers Association is celebrated. It is blessed with the priests, sisters, benefactors. It was one of her great achievement   that she could arrange D.M of Noida as a chief Guest.  Their coming together was an occasion to share the Word of God through prayer services every first Tuesday of month. This association is also welcomed by other villages like Najibabad and Etah.


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