Milestones of the Province

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26 July 1960

San Damiano Convent, Agra, the first house as the Mission of Assisi Province, Thrissur.

18March 1974

Became San Damiano Mission Agra, as Rev. Sr. Flavia, the first Mission Superior.

8 February 1975

Challenging entry into interior village of Bijnor Diocese.

7 June 1980

Entry to Commercial capital, Kalyan of the Latin Diocese of Mumbai.   

2 July 1980

Challenging entry into the cradle of Hinduism, Rajkot Diocese, Gujarat.

21 April 1985.

Silver Jubilee of San Damiano Convent, Agra, and the cradle of the Mission houses of the Franciscan Clarist Congregation in North India.

4 October 1986

San Damiano Region Etah as  Rev. Sr. Digna, the first Regional Superior.

17 September 1991

Extension of our service in Germany.

12 July 1992

San Damiano Vice Province, Noida as  Rev. Sr. Diana, the first Vice Provincial.

3 May 1997

Prison Ministry. A new offspring was born Asha Sadan - a home for the girls whose parents are convicted in prison, especially in Tihar Jail.

4 December 1997

San Damiano Province, Noida as   Rev. Sr. Digna as the first  Provincial Superior

26 February 1998

San Damiano among the Tribals.  we extended our service among the Tribals  of  Talwada, an interior village in Dhanu district, Maharashtra

26 April 2003

Sr. Shanta Maria, the first Non - Malayalee  made her 1st Profession in the Province

20 October 2003

Started Ashram Life in Varanasi.

4 October 2005

Giving a voice to the poor.  Seeing the pitiful condition of Cycle Riksha Puller's, Sr. Celine has organized a Cycle Riksha Puller's Association on

30 March 2006

Ashray, in Varanasi. It gives shelter to the mentally afflicted in collaboration with IMS

1 July 2006

Beginning of National Institute Open Schooling.  Assisi Convent School, Sector33, Noida was granted a Centre for NIOS

13 October 2006

In touch with disability, Asha Deep - Disabled centre. We started the teaching apostolate of teaching the hearing impaired, under

6 February 2008

Mobile Evangelization / Franciscan Pilgrim.  Responding to the inner call after a powerful 'Abba' experience, Sr. Rani Joseph started mobile evangelization

28 July 2008

Missionary shoot  in the dark Continent in Tanzania,  Africa

25 March 2010

Started a house in Ranchi.

10 April 2010

Golden Jubilee of the Mission.

17 July 2011

Opened a residence at Chongkham, Arunachal Pradesh.

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